Learn from Award-Winning Artist & Teacher Leonie.e Brown

" Faces fascinate me. Painting a portrait is more than just the face. In this easy-to-follow Portrait Painting Course, you will learn how to use 5 simple colours to express & reflect life, the emotion & heart. of the person, you are painting."

Simple, Easy to Follow Steps

Whether you are a total beginner or an experienced painter, this Portrait Painting Course will give you seven simple steps using only four basic colours. 

6 Hour Video Instruction + Bonus

Join a real-life classroom experience with Leonie and her students, as she systematically demonstrates the hidden secrets to painting successful portrait.

Master a Repeatable Painting Recipe

By the end of this Portrait Painting Course, you will have completed your Portrait and have mastered a simple and repeatable recipe that you can apply to any painting.

"If you want to rekindle or explore your creative side I highly recommend that you contact Leonie at Lifeart Studio. Leonie offers short courses as well as weekly art classes. Leonie is an amazing teacher as well as an accomplished and very talented artist. I attended one of her short courses and absolutely love it and will definitely be attending another one soon"

Mari-Ann Fletcher

"I wanted to thank you for awaking the light in me. Your testimony about your life got me motivated and I was able to do one of your courses. The painting I did was special. I have not finished all your courses yet, but the little I have done and your testimony helped me to touch heaven. Leonie God Bless you and your paintings give light."

Carlos Wittgreen Grajales

"Leonie Brown is a gifted teacher who takes you through the process of art step by step giving you the tools and skills to work independently and with creative freedom. She is encouraging when you think you couldn't possibly draw or paint and has the gift of stepping on one's shoes without messing up their shine . Thanks Leonie"

Pam Topham

At the end of this Portrait Painting Course, you would have mastered a simple & repeatable recipe that you can apply to any painting

Have you dreamt of becoming an Artist?

Have you tried painting but got discouraged because of your lack of knowledge? You can fulfil your dreams and become exactly the artist you always dreamt of being. I would love to show you how, in my Beginners to Advanced Painting Course.

Beginner to Advanced Painting Course

Learn everything you need to know about the art of painting in Acrylics and Oils. From drawing, designing, colour mixing, & planning your painting to 38 different painting styles and techniques.

This is the course that will fill in all your lacking foundations, answer your questions and expose you to the knowledge you didn't even know you didn't know. The course is broken down into six specialized sections. Each section can be done on its own.

The Enthusiast: I don't know what I don't know

Here we open the door to a whole new world of possibilities.  You have no knowledge or some exposure to the basics of mark-making. Discover your tools and learn to understand your brushes. Your choice of equipment will define your final artistic style. 


The Apprentice: I know that I don't know

Enter the eye! Become the observer and learn to identify and break down any item into four basic shapes. Not only will you learn to observe, but also to see the minute detail using negative space, proportion and measuring techniques. You will be able to take any object and make it look realistically three dimensional. Your friends will be in awe of your art skills.


The Painter: I know that I know

Not only will you learn how to paint with a limited palette, but you will also learn about 37 different painting techniques using brushes and palette knives. These techniques will introduce you to the different painting styles ranging from traditional to modern and contemporary. You will learn the techniques of Rembrandt, van Gogh, Monet and many others. 


The Colour Master: I know that I know

Colour, oh beautiful colour! The intricacies and psychology of colour. You will be able to mix any colour you see using only yellow, red and blue. All about tints, tones and shades. How to create bright and dull colours, good colour harmonies and why they work so well.
You will even get an introduction to the secrets of skin tones! With each colour exercise, you will create your master painting. Your friends and family will be astounded by your artistic skills!


The Knowledgeable Artist: I don't know that I know

With your full knowledge of colour and colour psychology, you will explore the psychology of design. You will learn how to manipulate the emotions of the viewer using the intricacies and deeper meaning of shape, design, and weight. You will become a master visual storyteller. Being able to design, create, paint and visually tell your own unique story. 


The Specialised Master

You will be technically proficient, and confidently able to execute any painting style or technique. Able to create original and unique art, using your style and message. You will be an Art Master, creating your original work and not a copier of others. 


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